Camera Brands, which one is the best!



A Canon digital camera will open up the world to you in the ways that you take and view your pictures. Whether you are a professional photographer or just a beginner Canon has a digital camera for you. They have many different styles with the choice of various features to enhance your digital photography experience. With the Canon digital camera and software you will be creating photographs just like a professional photographer even if this is the first time you ever used a digital camera to take a picture. Many of their cameras are very lightweight and easy to use, so you will always be able to have your camera with you and never miss getting that wonderful shot. Canon EOS cameras are SLR models. These are the most advanced and also the most expensive digital cameras in the range. If you are considering buying an SLR be aware that you need to keep a fair proportion of your budget for buying lenses. Although you do have the option of buying a lens in a kit with the camera it is likely that you will be looking for at least one more lens as well. The IXUS range is a series of stylish cameras with metal bodies. They are all very compact with a number being small enough to slip into a pocket. All of the IXUS models are straightforward and easy to use. These are really high quality point and shoot digital cameras. The Powershot part of the range covers a wider selection. At one end are some simple and easy cameras aimed at people who are new to digital photography or who would rather not spend a fortune on a digital camera. The range then works its way up to one of the most advanced compact digital cameras you can buy. You will also find super zoom cameras here. Most of the Powershot range offer a selection of more advanced controls than you will find in the IXUS range.

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