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Chhabra 555

Chhabra 555 Logo

Chhabra 555 is not only a promise, but also a guarantee for fashionable design, wide product choice, perfect fit, undisputed quality, and first class customer service. Chhabra 555 is an authentic and unique brand, which stands not only for product competence, but also for emotions and desires. We follow the tradition of providing the products at most reasonable prices to our customers by selling the products in the retail showroom at the same fixed wholesale prices, which no one else can offer in market. This secures our market share and keeps the customers committed to our brand! The Chhabra 555 concept combines elegant design, sophisticated materials and functionality. The window displays and other marketing material are of high standards, impressively transmitting the spirit of Chhabra 555, a spirit of intimacy, individuality, glamour and profound sensuality. The sales personnel are renowned not only for their competence, but also for their charm and friendliness making Chhabra 555 a unique premium brand and that too at a very reasonable price


Established 50 years ago by Sh. Krishan Lal Chhabra as a small Saree shop, Chhabra Triple Five Fashions Pvt. Ltd. has grown today to become one of India's top Wholesalers and Retailers for Handloom Sarees with the Wholesale, Retail and Export departments in Chandni Chowk. We follow the tradition of providing products at the most reasonable prices to our customers by selling them in the retail showrooms at the same fixed wholesale prices, which no one else can offer in the market. This secures our market share and keeps the customers committed to their brand! offers different product lines to meet the modern customers? standards in variety and individuality of choice. Each product line corresponds to the demands for stylistic variety, as it is created by its own carefully selected team of designers, who perfectly translate the individual lifestyle embodied by the respective line. The designer lines are clearly differentiated by their pricing concept, which in turn reflects the materials used, the product finish and the visual details of the various models.

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Delhi Locations

  1. Chhabra 555, 555, Katra Ashrafi, Chandni Chowk , Chandni Chowk Ph : 23267621
  2. Chhabra 555, 1st Floor, Main Road, Chandni Chowk , Chandni Chowk Ph : 23276788
  3. Chhabra 555, Greater Kailash I , Greater Kailash Ph : 46528555
  4. Chhabra 555, Hauz Khas , Hauz Khas Ph : 26525138
  5. Chhabra 555, South Ex. I , South Ex. Ph : 24649555
  6. Chhabra 555, Karol Bagh , Karol Bagh Ph : 45081645
  7. Chhabra 555, Rani Bagh , Rani Bagh
  8. Chhabra 555, Rajouri Garden, Rajouri garden
  9. Chhabra 555, Sahibabad , Sahibabad Ph : 3012370
  10. Chhabra 555, Indirapuram , Indirapuram
  11. Chhabra 555, Ghaziabad , Ghaziabad Ph : 4109455
  12. Chhabra 555, Ansal Crown Plaza, Faridabad , Faridabad Ph : 4018046
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