Sigma Mall, Cunningham Road

Situated right in the middle of Cunningham Road, the wavy structure of Sigma Mall does get its vote as one of the hangout hotspots in Bangalore.There is much that can be said about it, that you should know as you dig for new and exciting hangouts.

Sigma mall is a lovely place to hang around in. The McDonald?s (which needs no introduction ? as the most popular place for Burgers and Fries) occupies a chunk of the front portion.it is quite empty and the perfect atmosphere for relaxing on a Saturday afternoon while doing some shopping or sipping some coffee.

Its pretty big on the inside with 4 levels, and with one look you will see that it almost does have what every other mall has, probably on a slightly smaller scale.A walk around the place and find you'll shops where people of all ages and various interests can kill time.

At the Ground Level, as soon as you enter, Bread Bazaar on your left treats you to a number of bakery stuff to munch on and there's a Cafe Coffee Day too. Its not enclosed, giving you the feeling of being a part of the happenings at the Mall. But if you are looking for some privacy, check out the Food Court at Level 3. You?ve got Louis Philippe, Reebok, Nike, Levi?s, Pepe, Provogue, etc. to check out the latest trends in apparels. You can also find other outlets of Swarovski, Oyzterbay, Blue Sky (great collection of cooling glasses ? slightly expensive range) and Solitaire (check out this place for its diamonds). There are also some shops exclusively for women.

Level 1 is fully occupied by a Pantaloons showroom having a great range of clothes.

At Level 2, for people into photography, there is an exclusive showroom called G.K. Vale which I believe has pretty much everything you?ll ever look for. Next to that is a Chinese Restaurant called Nan King. There is electronics gadgets store called t-base that sells laptops, computers and various other tech accessories.

Level 3 is where you can hog at the Food Court, which has outlets of a number of restaurants. I liked the ambiance of the place, probably because of the relaxing lighting. That coupled with a variety of food to choose from makes the perfect solution for a quick date. You?ve also got Food Bazaar (a supermarket) to buy out your needs without needing to go elsewhere.

And finally, Fun Cinemas where you can catch a flick or two anytime you like,but I?m sure Sigma Mall is well on its way to becoming a regular hangout to many. So if you happen to be in Bangalore, don?t miss out on this great place which houses literally everything under one roof. Tags:apparels, Bangalore, Burgers, ccd, chinese, cinemas, clothes, coffee, cunningham road, food bazaar, food court, fun cinemas, malls, McDonalds, movie, nan king, pantaloons, photography, Restaurant, shops sigma mall

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