Connaught Place

Built by the British, Connaught Place is quite close to the New Delhi railway station Delhi's most popular shopping centre offers almost everything under the sun. It's old too, being in existence since 1931. The state emporia buildings are also located in this area so are the head offices of major banks, airlines and other such places of importance to the tourist. The complex, popularly referred to as C.P. is an important meeting point for all sections of people and is something which no tourist should miss.

Connaught Place has snack bars for quick stops, and plenty of upmarket restaurants, as well as budget sit-down joints that attract a largely Western clientele. Even if you can't afford a meal in an expensive restaurant, it's worth going into air-conditioned comfort and treating yourself to silver-service tea, filter coffee, or a cool milk shake. For patties, sandwiches and take-out meat and veg dishes, head behind the market at the top of Janpath, where you'll find great snacks at incredibly good value. Several familiar fast-food joints are represented in C.P and elsewhere in Delhi and there is a new TGIF . C.P's larger restaurants remain closed on Sunday mornings.

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